Technical Program Schedule - ICMLDS 2018
Day 1: Dec 21st, 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM
1570489308 A Semi-supervised Feature Engineering Approach for Mixed Data Outlier Detection Pradeep Chowriappa
1570491491 On Learning from Class Imbalanced Data Naman Singh
1570492151 Attitude Analysis through Twitter using Data Mining Techniques Rishal Shah
1570492708 Empirical assessment of performance of data preprocessing techniques for class imbalance problem in classification task Anil Jadhav
1570493043 Classification of Imbalanced data sets using tiny training sets generated by employing the concept of Centroid based Grouping (CBG) Chennuru Krishnaveni
1570491070 Evaluating Classifiers for Emotion Signal on DEAP Dataset Kishorjit Nongmeikapam
1570493001 Emotion Analysis of Real versus Fake users on Facebook Social Network Mudasir Ahmad Wani
1570491182 Correlating User Personality with Their Driving Style Ashwin Vaidya
1570491335 Variational Autoencoders (VAEs): An Overview Yashi Suba
1570491483 Fault Detection in Three Phase Transformer Using Ensemble Model Tejasvi Roop Singh
1570495236 Age and Gender Estimation using Random Forests for Social Robots Kamalhas Tanguturi
1570495240 Design of Aircraft hydraulics leakage detection system based on wireless sensor network Vishal Digambar Bodkhe
1570491192 Adaptive Tour Generation of a Website using Online Reinforcement Learning Koduri Guru Charan
1570492743 Ranking Based Feature Selection Techniques for Phishing Website Identification Swati Maurya
Day 2: Dec 22nd, 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM
1570490072 Semi- Supervised Hybrid Model for Few Shot Learning Arpita Gupta
1570492975 Knowledge Discovery using Fuzzy Associative Subspace Ensemble Classification Kayal Padmanandam
1570492977 A modular spatial clustering algorithm with noise specification Akhil K
1570493000 A Wide & Deep Neural Network and Ensemble Based Approach for Email Phishing Prediction Rutwik Kulkarni
1570495245 Multiheaded Structured Self-Attention Using Neural Averaging Layer Kaushal Shetty
1570486503 Automated Audio Genre Classification using Ensembled Techniques Rudra Gupta
1570490922 Syntax and Rule Based Machine Translation from English to Odia Akankshya Patra
1570491172 A Fresh Look at Deep Learning Approaches for Breast Cancer Detection Sayli Bapat
1570491308 Systematic Analysis of Image Generation using GANs Rucha Apte
1570493044 A supervised threshold-based approach towards website traffic classification and fraud detection Arjit Sachdeva